Nomadi Deluxe is a Spanish brand that was born in 2015 responding to a need in the market for different and personalized garments for each client. We basically make winter outerwear, our star garment being the vest in all its versions.

Eva Louzao, its creative director and soul of the brand, accumulated experience for years in different companies in the sector, both in Italy and Spain, to launch this project. The particularity, detail, customization, sustainability and good work in each garment are undoubtedly the hallmarks of Nomadi.

Proud of the good work of our local workshops, we also believe in collaborating with artisans from all over the world as a sign of cultural respect for the know-how inherited for centuries by these communities: manual embroidery from India, ikats from Uzbekistan, jacquard from Africa and South America. ..This collaboration is in applications, belts, fabrics such as jacquards...different components of our garments since all of them are made in Spain.

We respect and are committed to the origin of the skins we work with and all of them have animal welfare certificates, with 90% of our suppliers being Spanish. We are demanding in the selection of raw materials both in their quality and in their origin.

As a matter of principle and given the particularities of our garments, we make a limited number of garments per model, thus avoiding massification and unification.

In a clear commitment to sustainability, we are promoting new projects within the brand, such as Nomadi by You, where we transform old garments into current and very wearable garments. Our design team, together with the owner of the garment, gives life to a garment, thus demonstrating the long useful life of natural leather and its ability to be reused. And we hope to continue proposing new ideas that are just as interesting.

Every woman is unique and each Nomadi is unique too.


Fyodor Dostoyevsky