No matter how much man tries and creates new materials, these can never be improved on what Nature offers us. Because only we humans produce so much garbage that Nature itself cannot digest. And that's why at Nomadi we are committed to enhancing the long life of leather garments by transforming garments so that they become part of our wardrobe every day.

There are also many occasions when these garments have great sentimental value because they belonged to a close family member and we want to continue using them.

Nomadi by You is a new way to transform clothes. Our design team together with the owner of the garment define the garment to be made, being a participant in said change at all times.

The steps to follow are very simple and although it may seem complicated, it really is not complicated today thanks to new technologies. The steps would be:

1- Contact our design team by sending photos of the garment you want to transform and if you have an idea of ​​the garment/item you would like to get better, if not it is no problem, we will offer you many alternatives. You can send the photo/s by WhatsApp to number +34651507352 or to the email indicating your name and telephone number so we can contact you.

2- Review by our quality department of the photos sent and first analysis. Communicating its conclusions in a very short period of time

3- If the garment is apparently in good condition, it is collected at the address indicated and a quote is made following the indicated guidelines.

4- Carrying out the transformation with the client informed at all times.

5- Sending photos to the client of the result obtained for approval prior to sending.

6- Delivery of the garment.